Our Establishment
Sergen Tekstil is founded  in 2002 right after Suat Küçüker's seperation from Küçüker Tekstil.
Even considered as a very young company, it has proven its quality in export market, thanks to Suat Küçüker's 15 years of experince and knowledge.

Our Production Capacity
Sergen Tekstil has monthly production capacity of 120 tonnes, that is formed by 500.000 towels and 18.000 bathrobes.
Having towels and bathrobes as primary output of our firm, quality varies between "mayer knit", "wellsoft", "microfiber", "flat and jacquard weaves".
"12 jacquard looms", "5 non-woven weeaving looms" and "8 Picanol Mayer machines" provide all of our weaving needs.
Our daily weaving capacity is 4 tonnes.
Also, our own "1 length sewing machine" and "30 width sewing machines" meet the company's confection needs.

Our Quality
Sergen Tekstil is known for its quality, quick service and reliability since the establishment.
We truly pay atteintion to this subject and we are proud of not experiencing any troubles with our customers.

Our Collections
Having a wide variety of product catalogues, Sergen Tekstil's pattern works are operated by its own designers.
By that way, we can continuously add new items to the catalogue.
Our primary collections consist of embroidered, giupured, dyed yarn, velvet, jacquard and striped products.
We can also provide our customers' sample demands as soon as possible.

Our Principles
** Customer Satisfaction
** Providing Customer's Demands
** Reliable and Good Quality Trade
** Keeping the Promises
** Working in Touch with Our Customers
** Working with Dynamic Crew which is in the Knowledge of Customer Satisfaction